Nand Kishore Yadav
Official Profile of Minister Road Construction Department- Government of Bihar., Ex President- Bjp Bihar and Ex Leader of Opposition- Bihar Vidhan sabha. at Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)

About Nand Kishore Yadav

Nand Kishore Yadav (born 26 August 1953) is an Indian Politician. He is currently serving as cabinet minister of road in Government of Bihar. Nand Kishore Yadav, a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and member of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). He is a senior BJP leader who joined, as minister, the Bihar Government after split of the Mahagathbandhan ​ ​and ​ ​parting ​ ​of ​ ​ways ​ ​between ​ ​Lalu's ​ ​RJD ​ ​& ​ ​Nitish ​ ​Kumar's ​ ​JDU. He served as Cabinet Minister of Road Construction and Tourism in the Government of Bihar, prior to the split of JDU from NDA in June 2013. He was also leader of oppostion in Bihar Assembly.

Family ​ ​background, ​ ​Early ​ ​Life ​ ​& ​ ​Education

Nand Kishore Yadav was born on 26 August 1953 to Late Panna Lal Yadav & Late Rajkumari Yadav. Nand Kishore Yadav's Great Grandfather Late Jhalo Sardar, was a famous landlord of that period. It is said that he used to pet lions. His grandfather, Late Ramdas Rai,splurged the family inheritance, mainly on keeping & breeding birds. (Nand Kishore Yadav is quoted as ​ ​saying ​ ​​"Hum ​ ​sher ​ ​se ​ ​chidiyon ​ ​per ​ ​aagaye"​). His father Late Panna Lal Yadav ji had to restart from scratch. He set up a business in Khajekalan area ​ ​of ​ ​old ​ ​Patna. ​ ​It ​ ​is ​ ​here ​ ​that ​ ​Nand ​ ​Kishore ​ ​Yadav ​ ​was ​ ​born ​ ​and ​ ​lived ​ ​his ​ ​childhood

Rashtriya ​ ​Swaymsevak ​ ​Sangh ​ ​(RSS)

In 1969, Nand Kishore Yadav joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). Within 2 years, he was deeply involved in student politics. He rose to become President of Patna City Chhatra Sangharsh Samiti.The turning point in Nand Kishore Yadav's life came in 1969. It was the year he passed his matriculation ​ ​exam. ​This ​was ​​the ​year ​that ​​changed ​​his ​life ​forever. In ​ ​words ​ ​of ​ ​Nand ​ ​Kishore ​ ​Yadav ​:- "We used to go to Khajekalan akhara (arena) to revise mathematics with some friends. ​​A ​​friend, ​Kumar ​Dinesh, ​once ​recited ​- Nij ​​Vaibhav ko, ​Nij ​Gaurav ko, Tum Desh ​ke ​bahadur ​bhool ​​gaye, Updesh ​diya ​jo ​Gita ​ka, Kyon ​​sunna-​sunana ​bhool ​​gaye". There two time inspired him to change his life.

Upon enquiry, Kumar Dinesh told him about the RSS and how they sang these words at the shakhas. This intrigued him and he wanted to know more. The following day he visited the nearby RSS shakhawith ​ ​his ​ ​friend. ​ ​He ​ ​became ​ ​a ​ ​member ​ ​of ​ ​RSS ​ ​that ​ ​day. With this started his political journey. Nand Kishore Yadav joined student politics and within two (2) years he ​​rose ​to ​become ​the ​​President ​of ​​Patna City ​Chhatra ​Sangharsh ​​Samiti.

After ​ ​completing ​ ​his ​intermediate ​ ​he ​ ​started ​ ​his ​ ​graduation ​ ​but ​ ​had ​ ​to ​ ​leave ​ ​his ​ ​studies ​ ​mid-way. During his studies, he became active in students politics and in 1971, he joined Students Union (Vidyarthi Parishad). In 1974, he joined the social movement launched by Late Lok Nayak Jai Prakash Narayan against the despotic misrule of Congress. It was in 1974, on the call of JP, he left his BSc Final Exams midway and went on to head the Patna City Student's Committee (Patna City Chhatra Sangharsh ​Samiti)

Early political career

Nand Kishore Yadav was an active student leader. His association with the Jai Prakash movement landed him in jail for twenty three weeks during 1974-76. He was elected Corporator of Patna Municipal Corporation in 1978. In the same year, he also became Patna District head of Janata Yuva Morcha. In 1982, he rose to be the Deputy Mayor of Patna Municipal Corporation. A year later, he became President of Bharatiya Janata Party Patna Mahanagar. From 1983 to 1990, Yadav served at various positions in the party. He was General Secretary, Treasurer and Vice President of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha.

Political career

As a young student leader and a dedicated swayamsevak, Nand Kishore Yadav worked tirelessly for the cause of student causes. His work and popularity saw him rise rapidly through the ranks of students politics. ​On 18 February 1974, the Patna University Students Union organized a convention which invited student leaders from the whole state. They formed ​Bihar Chhatra Sangharsh Samiti (BCSS) to spearhead the agitation. This movement saw the rise of many contemporary Bihar leaders. Notable among them were Nand Kishore Yadav, ​Lalu Prasad Yadav ​, ​Sushil Kumar Modi ​, ​Ram Vilas Paswan.

BIHAR ​ ​MOVEMENT:- As the BIHAR MOVEMENT spearheaded by students, exploded onto the national scene, Nand Kishore ​ ​Yadav, ​ ​was ​ ​elected ​ ​as ​ ​President ​ ​of ​ ​Patna ​ ​City ​ ​​Bihar ​ ​​Chhatra ​ ​Sangharsh ​ ​Samiti. The famed Gandhian Jai Prakash Narayan had started his socio-political movement, 1974 was a year of discontent. It was the year that ushered in ​high inflation, unemployment and lack of supplies of essential commodities. On 08 April, 1974, the students of Bihar Chhatra Sangharsh Samiti led a massive silent procession. Nand Kishore Yadav participated in this movement under the tutelage of Lok Nayak Jay Prakash Narayan. This association with JP landed him in jail for 23 weeks during 1974-1976. On call of Lok Nayan JP, Nand Kishore Yadav left his studies in the final year and dedicated himself to ​ ​the ​ ​socio-political ​ ​revolution ​ ​that ​ ​is ​ ​now ​ ​famously ​ ​called ​ ​​The ​ ​Bihar ​ ​Movement.

1978-1983:- ​At 25 years of age, ​Nand Kishore Yadav was elected Corporator of Patna Municipal Corporation. This year he also became the Patna District Head of Janata Yuva Morcha. In 1982, he rose to become the Deputy Mayor of Patna Municipal Corporation. In 1983, an year later Nand Kishore Yadav ​ ​became ​ ​President ​ ​of ​ ​Bhartiya ​ ​Janata ​ ​Party, ​ ​Patna ​ ​Mahanagar. ​

1983-1990:- During this period ​Yadav served at various positions in the party. He was General Secretary, ​ ​Treasurer ​ ​and ​ ​Vice ​ ​President ​ ​of ​ ​Bharatiya ​ ​Janata ​ ​Yuva ​ ​Morcha.

1990-1995:- During this period Nand Kishore Yadav rose to become State President of Yuva Morcha.

1995-1998:- During this period Nand Kishore Yadav rose to become State Mahamantri of BJP. 1995 ​ ​also ​ ​saw ​ ​his ​ ​arrival ​ ​in ​ ​the ​ ​State ​ ​Legislative ​Assembly ​as ​​an​ ​young ​ ​M.L.A. ​ ​from ​ ​Patna ​ ​East. He contested and won all the six Assembly Elections since 1995.

1998-2003​:- ​He became Bharatiya Janata Party’s State President. In the year 2000, he was again elected as legislator from Patna East. In 2003, his role and responsibilities increased, he became State Convenor (Pradesh Sanyojak) and also member of BJP Rashtriya Karya Samiti and Kendriya Anushasan ​ ​Samiti.

2003-2008:- ​ ​​In ​ ​February ​ ​2005, ​ ​he ​ ​was ​ ​elected ​ ​as ​ ​legislator ​ ​from ​ ​Patna ​ ​East ​ ​for ​ the ​ ​third ​ ​time ​ ​and ​ ​in November ​ ​2005 ​ ​for ​ ​the ​ ​fourth ​ ​time ​ ​from ​ ​the ​ ​same ​ ​seat. ​ ​In ​ ​2005 ​ ​itself, ​ ​he ​ ​was ​ ​made ​ ​a ​ ​Minister ​ ​in ​ ​the state of Bihar of Road Construction Department.

2008-2013:- ​ ​In ​ ​April ​ ​2008, ​ ​he ​ ​held ​ ​the ​ ​position ​ ​of ​ ​the ​ ​State ​ ​Health ​ ​Minister. ​ ​In ​ ​November ​ ​2010, ​ ​he once ​ ​again ​ ​became ​ ​Minister ​ ​in ​ ​the ​ ​Department ​ ​of ​ ​Road ​ ​Construction. ​

2013-2015:-As ​ ​the ​BJP-JDU ​ ​alliance ​ ​broke in ​ ​June ​ ​2013, ​ ​he ​ ​was ​ ​given ​ ​the ​ ​role ​ ​of ​ ​Leader ​ ​of ​ ​Opposition ​ ​in ​ ​Bihar ​ ​Assembly.​

2015-2017:- In November 2015 he ​ ​was ​ ​elected ​ ​as ​ ​legislator ​ ​from ​ ​Patna ​ ​East ​ ​for ​ the ​ sixth ​ ​time and​ ​he ​ ​was ​ ​given ​ ​the ​ ​role ​ ​of ​ ​Chairman, Public Accounts Committee in Bihar Vidhan Sabha.

2017:- From July 2017 Nand Kishore Yadav is serving Bihar as Road Construction Minister in the newly formed BJP-JDU alliance government. Among his many achievements, the project he holds most dear is his role as Road Construction Minister. It is at this post that he spearheads the transformation of Bihar. New better roads mean faster connectivity, better rule of law, easy flow of commerce....all essential ingredients ​ ​for ​ ​creating ​ ​a ​ ​NUTAN BIHAR.